"With the release of her sixth studio album, Lady Gaga has shown you Chromatica through her eyes. Show us what it looks like to you using your favorite Adobe creative apps..."
I love movies and I love music. On first listening through Chromatica, I was inspired to create a movie poster to match the futuristic visuals and strong thematic elements of the album. The end result is this poster which I feel draws on trippy parts from Alice in Wonderland, the drama of rock opera, and the whimsy of anime like Sailor Moon. When I look at this poster, it makes me smile and want to see that movie. I hope it does the same for you.

I have to give a tremendous shout-out to the team at Adobe and at Live Nation for coming up with a way to incentivise staying creative during these creatively draining times.
 This was a really fun challenge!

Thank You!

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